​                                                                Dear Guests,
​                                                    Welcome to the website of 
​                                                the Office of Paediatricians 
​                                                                in Tongeren.

                                Paediatricians of the Office

                                    Dr. Gielen Marie-Laure
                                    Dr. Snoeys Raymond
We work on 2 sites :

    In town :   Consultation of Paediatrics
                    Sint-Truidersteenweg 21
                    3700 Tongeren
                        Dr. Gielen en Dr. Snoeys
                    tel. 012-238071
                    fax. 012-262752

If you want to contact us or if you want to obtain an appointment : 
call   012-238071

If the automatic responder is on and if you have an urgent problem :
         call the Vesaliushospital  012-396111

In hospital :  A.Z. Vesaliushospital
                         Dr. Snoeys​
                     Hazelereik 51
​                     3700 Tongeren